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7 Awesome Ways To Make Money As A Gamer

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7 Awesome Ways To Make Money As A Gamer

Priyam Raj
2 ratings

This guide contains all the experiences I had back in the day as a gamer trying out different routes to become an "Internet Nomad", this one had received hundreds of sales on both my Website and Kindle Direct Publishing but because I do not wish to update this eBook any further either, I took it down from selling and have decided to give this one away for free as well.

The cost of this eBook used to be $9.99, you may get it for free right now by just entering '0' in the "Name a fair price:" field.

Note: This guide is from 2020 will not be updated any further and some content in it may have went obsolete.

Table of Contents:

  • Facebook Gaming
  • Gaming Blog
  • YouTube Channel
  • Instagram Page
  • eSports / Tournaments
  • Create a Tool
  • Support-A-Creator Program

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